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The UAE has made the decision to diversify its energy mix in order to maintain its development and reduce any potential environmental effects that may result from burning fuel. As a result, it was agreed that the traditional energy sources, namely oil and gas, shouldn't serve as the primary engines of the economic activity. The UAE is also promoting global cooperation and resource conservation while cultivating local knowledge in these critical technologies.

Although oil and gas have historically been the main sources of energy for the UAE economy, a restructuring of the sector is underway with the goal of diversifying the UAE's energy mix.

Natural gas-fired generating accounts for the majority of the UAE's electricity production (110 billion kilowatt-hours in 2013). In order to address some of the peak-demand deficits seen in the past, it plans to combine the natural gas distribution networks of all the emirates.

There were 27.2 gigawatts of installed electrical production capacity in 2012. (GW). The UAE is concentrating on developing a balanced energy mix to fulfill the increased demand in a sustainable way.

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