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The UAE has established a booming technology market in the region. Incorporating both governmental and corporate efforts and digital technology advancements, many aspects of our everyday lives have been refined to reach modern, if not futuristic, standards.  


A record breaking innovation that the UAE’s government has introduced is the “Noor Abu Dhabi” project (Noor meaning light in Arabic). Featuring more than 3.2 million solar panels, producing approximately 1.2 GW of renewable power, and resulting in a carbon footprint decrease of 1 million metric tons per year; it is the largest single-site solar project in the world. Put into perspective, it’s equivalent to covering the power demands of 900,000 individuals whilst taking 200,000 cars off the road!  

The mind-blowing innovation that emerged in the UAE during the days of Covid with the power of artificial intelligence. Who would believe that with a population of over 10 million people, the UAE would still manage to create a safe and economy friendly way to progress with our daily lives in the midst of a global pandemic. An application named Al Hosn was created to track each individuals vaccination history as well as their PCR records which are daily checked and to be validated for no more than 14 days.  


The UAE has never hesitated to take large-scale and intricate measures leading towards a technologically advanced future; for the sake of sustainability, safety, and development.  

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