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The UAE has appointed Education not only as an opportunity, but a right and obligation to more than 95% of men and women. Being one of the main pillars of it’s nation, the level of education provided is well prepared with great accountability, credibility and high standards of professionalism; creating a young and diverse generation of students prepared for a competitive marketplace at a global scope.  


The reason behind education being accessible in the UAE is the wide range of high quality options provided. Both private and public schools offer an education beyond the fundamentals certified by internationally recognized certifications across the world; SAT’s, IELTS and TOEFL being only a few examples. Most private schools also provide an array of internationally renowned education systems such as IGCSE, IB, and AP* levels of education.

Beyond the level of education comes the quality of the environment. Awareness projects are practiced all year round in order to shed light on topics like bullying and tolerance amongst others. In addition, students show community support and hold fundraisers for conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Most importantly, the acceptance and encouragement of ‘disabled’ peers; or as we now say ‘People of determination’ (POD).  



Throughout the years, students are intellectually instructively challenged everyday until prepared to reach, if not surpass, international expectations of education whilst in an enriching environment that stimulates individuals’ awareness. Evidently, education in the UAE has been refined from all aspects in order to accommodate people of all backgrounds, abilities, and disabilities; building a strong army through knowledge, awareness and unity.  

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