Chairman Message

Global Petroleum is an esteemed corporation having widely diversified portfolio across various business segments and major industries in the region, while being strongly committed to contribute for further promotion, development and growth of the UAE worldwide. 

It is our intention, as a business, to provide value added services to our clients in order to support and ensure that they will achieve their own objectives. At the same time, we maintain our devotion to support the prosperity of the UAE, creating job opportunities, gathering the know-how from around the globe and employing the best talent.

We measure our success by our customers' success while strongly believing that maintaining investor relations, confidence and trust is nowadays vital in the global business environment.

We focus towards developing of such a culture within our companies where the pursuit of highest quality is embedded at each and every step of the business process alone, since its inception till completion, summing up with sought after deliverables which will ensure customers’ loyalty and high level of satisfaction.

Therefore, Global Development Group successfully acquired and persistently maintains its ISO 9001-2008 certification from Bureau Veritas, while the same was also initiated through all other group entities. Maintaining of the highest standards of corporate governance and implementing the effective and profound management throughout the group has always been of a prime importance.